Debt Purchaser Day

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Event Details

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  • This is a one-day deep dive seminar on the European and US debt purchaser / debt collector sector, focused on 11 companies (Arrow Global, Lowell, Cabot, Intrum, Encore, PRA, Hoist, B2, Anacap, MCS and Kruk)
  • We go in detail through our various valuation methodologies (DCF, In-Force & New Business valuation and Run-Off) and sensitivities which are crucial to understanding the prospects for the companies
  • We also look at some of the key issues for the sector going forward – new portfolio IRRs and gross money multiple outlook; funding outlook; macroeconomic sensitivity; operating leverage; digitalization opportunity; deleveraging prospects; and much more!

Take Home

  • Granular plug and play financial model on Lowell with user-editable input assumptions
  • Seminar presentation material (print only)


  • Rupesh Tailor, CEO & Founder, Everest Research
  • Rupesh has been an analyst and investor in the high yield market since 2001 and has been covering the European Debt Purchaser sector since its early days

When and Where

  • Tuesday 2 July 2019
  • London (UK) 


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