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DIA Memo 180221

DIA. Tempting c. 15% Take-Back Yield On Exchange 2026 SUNs For Sensible Turnaround Plan But High Execution Risk & Natural Impediments To Overcome. Limited SUNs Free Float
PUBLISHED: 18 February 2021
PAGES: 130
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Why Read?

  • Understand prospects for DIA to successfully execute its turnaround plan – what natural impediments are there that need to be addressed?
  • Understand whether, free float notwithstanding, the c. 15% take-back yield buying DIA’s 2023 SUNs to exchange into 2026 SUNs is attractive or not

What’s New?

  • Analysis of DIA’s competitive position within Spain – market share trends, sales densities, LFL sales growth, price positioning and store estate comparisons
  • Financial projections, DCF valuation and sensitivities

Questions Answered

  • Can DIA’s capex-led store refurbishment, store re-sitings and new store openings plan, together with assortment optimisation, reverse market share losses to Mercadona and Lidl and restore DIA to a sustainable financial trajectory?
  • Would DEA Finance (a vehicle of majority shareholder, Letter One) sell down its position in DIA’s Exchange 2026 SUNs once the recapitalisation plan is completed by Apr-21 and its sufficient voting position in the 2023 SUNs has been used to implement the exchange of 2023 SUNs into 2026 SUNs with a mixed cash-pay and PIK coupon?
  • How much has Letter One invested in DIA’s equity and SUNs over time and what kind of return might it achieve if DIA is successful with its turnaround plan?
  • Pro forma for its recapitalisation, DIA’s FY 20E net leverage will be similar to that of Casino France at FY 20E. Casino 2026 SUNs yield c. 5% vs DIA exchange 2026 SUNs c. 15% – is the differential warranted?
  • When might DIA be able to contemplate a loan-to-bond refi of its Syndicated Facility should it wish to?

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